Cosmology with SCUBA-2

The UK National Astronomy Meeting (this year being held in conjunction with the German Astronomical Society) is underway this week in Manchester, UK.  The conference included a specialist session on SCUBA-2 results and it was especially pleasing to see SCUBA-2 data being presented in other sessions also,including one tied to a press release issued by the SCUBA-2 Cosmology Legacy Survey and the Royal Astronomical Society.

You can read the press release, as well as a report by the BBC – don’t forget to listen to the interview on that BBC page with Prof. James Dunlop from the University of Edinburgh, one of the leaders of the SCUBA-2 Cosmology Legacy Survey.


SCUBA-2 press release rolls out

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This week saw the official SCUBA-2 press release go out. The official pages can be found here:

with further imagery at the SCUBA-2 Image Gallery (a selection of which are seen in the slideshow above).

There was also a lot of interest generated in local and national press in various places ranging from Hawaii, Canada, UK and India. And in today’s world, lost of interest generated on Twitter (including some diving sites!). Here is a selection of some sites that I came across – let us know if there are more.