Square-degree imaging with SCUBA-2

The image above shows the central square degree around the Galactic Centre, imaged at 850 µm. It is not a very deep image and intentionally so, as its purpose is only to test this wide-field imaging mode whereby we scan the telescope at its fastest speed of 600 arcseconds per second, in this case over a 1 degree by 1 degree field.

The image seen above took about 13 minutes to execute. Although not calibrated (we’re not close to that yet!) and considering that the array performance is not yet fully optimised on the sky, it’s encouraging to see that we are able to detect faint, extended emission across the field.

The corresponding 450 µm map is shown below. The point sources and some of the extended structure is clearly detected, despite the fact that each pixel has approximately 1 second of exposure time.


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