First light with new arrays

GAIA screen grab of 850-micron 600 arcsec/second map of the Orion nebula (ignore the missing slice off the top of the image!)

As well as the array optimisation & characterisation commissioning that has been ongoing, we have also taken the opportunity when we can to carry out instrument functionality tests whenever possible, on the sky. This means that in the last couple of weeks we have achieved first light with the new complement of science grade arrays. Another milestone.

As well as checking focus and pointing routines, we obtained a fast map of the Orion nebula. The 850µm image above was taken at a mapping speed of 600 arcsec/second and is the output from a quick offline reduction (i.e. not optimised). Despite the instances where the telescope has overshot the mapping area, this result is particularly pleasing as it was obtained at a speed that proved to be particularly difficult for us during S2SRO. And of course, without even having started on-sky commissioning yet, this bodes well for the prospect of large mapping projects with SCUBA-2.


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