SCUBA-2 is back to base temperature

Happy New Year to the JCMT community! The Christmas and New Year break came as a welcome respite for the SCUBA-2 commissioning team here at the JAC, the UK and Canada. During that time, SCUBA-2 was warmed back up to ambient temperatures, also providing team members time to analyse the commissioning data obtained up to now.

Analysis of this data is encouraging and there are signs in the data which suggest that these arrays will perform significantly better than we saw during the SCUBA-2 Shared Risks Observing campaign in February-March 2010. There is still work to be done in optimising the array performance and this is what the commissioning team will be concentrating on for the next month. After that, it will remain to be seen whether the improved performance characterstics we are seeing in the dark (i.e. with the instrument shutter closed) will translate to on-sky performance.

The instrument was cooled back down to base temperature last week with no issues or problems.


2 Responses to SCUBA-2 is back to base temperature

  1. Erin says:

    Is your dilution refrigerator a wet system (i.e., it consumes liquid helium)?

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