Array Optimisation Progressing Well

Surface of NEP values for the s4a array in SCUBA-2. The blue areas show a valley where the bias & heater values for this array will be optimum, i.e. least noisy performance.

The array characterisation and optimisation work has been progressing well over the past two weeks since we returned to base temperature. In doing so we reached another milestone in the project – we have now taken data with all 8 arrays, simultaneously. This is the first time we have had the opportunity to attempt this and we managed to do so successfully.

Since then, the team have been hard at work to optimise the array setup parameters, that is to determine which settings of the heater and bias give the lowest NEP values in the dark (i.e. with the shutter closed and not on the sky). Nothing definitive to report at the moment except that the arrays are looking good and we expect to achieve a better performance from them than we had during S2SRO.


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